Chubby Checker – September 28

Dynasty Entertainment presents

Chubby Checker’s Dance Party


Chubby Checker

September 28


Tickets: $49 – $99

Sponsored by 

River Radio 

Best Western Hotel – Marion

The Marion Star

O’Charley’s Restaurant and Bar

Dynasty Entertainment LLC is proud to announce “Chubby Checker’s Dance Party” starring Chubby Checker and The Wildcats are coming to Marion Cultural & Civic Center on September 28th!

Chubby Checker is one AMAZING musician!  His shows are historic throwbacks to the origin of Rock and Roll with EVERY song being a classic!!  As he performs one of his iconic songs the place always goes up for grabs.

This will be a very Special night has Chubby will hold a Dance Contest – join Chubby on stage and dance to “The Twist” for a chance to win $100 prize, plus VIP tickets to another upcoming Dynasty Entertainment Show and a Gift Certificate for dinner at O’Charley’s Restaurant and Bar! Judging the contest will be Chubby Checker and 2 local well known guests to be announced the night of the show. Make sure you bring your dancing shoes!

Crowds are usually a mixed age because Chubby Checker crosses all age barriers with his music. It’s like a fine piece of art that gets handed down generation to generation. Chubby’s appearance hasn’t changed much either. He is the iconic entertainer with the big personality. Still today he gets everyone on their feet for the majority of his shows! Chubby injects happiness to his crowd like most others cannot.

Billboard honored Chubby Checker in 2008 by proclaiming that “The Twist” is the # 1 Record of all time, on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. That was reiterated in the Magazine again, in 2013 & 2015.

For the First time ever, The Twist has been refurbished from the Original Master Tapes – Remixed & Mastered. The New Release of Chubby Checker’s “The Twist,” has all the vibe of the original 45. The big difference is in the Sonics, which exhibits a Sound that’s up to date for the digital era & just plain Rockin’ on the Big Speakers or on an iPhone.

In 1962, “Pony Time” was a #1 hit that was on the charts for 16 weeks, and Chubby starred in two movies: “Don’t Knock the Twist” and “Twist Around the Clock.” For the first time in record history, “The Twist” re-entered the charts and, by January of 1962, it was #1 again on the Billboard charts. Chubby Checker merchandise was everywhere: t-shirts, shoes, ties, dolls, even chewing gum! More huge hits followed: “The Fly,” “Let’s Twist Again,” “The Limbo Rock, “and he won the Grammy for Best Rock Performance. He is the only act to ever have 5 albums in the top 12 at the same time.

A Rock and Roll piece of history!

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