• Cirque Zuma Zuma – Feb 26

  • Date February 26
    Time 7:30pm
    Doors 6:30pm
    Ticket Prices $35 - $25
    Ages All Ages
    Online ticket sales end
    3 hours prior to performance
  • Sponsored By:

    African Acrobats International, Inc. has established the ultimate African Circus. It cradles all African cultures and is the ultimate celebration of music, dance and rituals from the continent. This Circus features talented members who can fill a 60 to 90 minute show with non-stop action and amazing features that keep audiences breathless.

    Cirque Zuma Zuma is made up of professional acrobats from Nairobi (Kenya). The group has performed at theatres, colleges and charity events, as well as corporate and government functions. They have entertained several heads of states from Kenya, China and Swaziland and have toured Africa, Europe, Middle East and the US.



    • South African female vocalists
    • Limbo Dance – How low can you go
    • Female dancers from Africa
    • South African gumboot dancers
    • Amazing pole acts
    • Zuma Zuma Acrobats
    • Chairs hand stand balance from Tanzania
    • Gabonese Tumblers
    • Contortionists from Ethiopia
    • The Africa Africa Lion dance
    • Percussionists from Zimbabwe